Year Round Program Club Teacher

Durham, North Carolina, United States · MIddle School Department · 004


Student U is a college-access and success organization that believes all students in Durham have the ability to succeed. However, as a result of structural racism, poverty and other systemic injustices, we acknowledge that first generation college-bound students face significant personal and institutional obstacles to educational success. We want to change the odds for children in our community.

We believe that a Durham where all children can succeed is possible. We believe that our students and the children in our community are the most powerful tool our community can leverage to realize that vision. We believe that Student U’s role in creating a Durham where all children can succeed is in expanding the educational opportunities available to our students so that they may unlock their full potential and be the advocates for change within our community. In order to make this dream a reality, Student U creates a pipeline of services to support students from middle school through college. By providing direct services during out-of-school time and advocating for students and families within schools, we ensure our students develop the academic skills and personal well-being needed to succeed in their post-secondary choices and beyond.

Employees at Student U believe all students can achieve greatness. Together, through intentional staff collaboration and community partnerships, we work tirelessly to make the fearless dreams of our students come true.

The Year Round Program Club Teacher position is designed for passionate, capable individuals who desire to enrich our students by developing the whole-child. A club teacher will lead elective classes two days a week to groups of 10-12 middle school students. Each club will enrich our students and extend their success in the classroom by focusing on the arts, STEM development, social and emotional well-being, and physical health. Club teachers will work closely with the Middle School Program Coordinators to develop lessons that reinforce and extend our students’ widespread talents.

Job Responsibilities:

Demonstrate the Student U Core Values in all interactions with Student U stakeholders (students, families, guests, volunteers, supporters)

Commitment: September 2017-December 2017 (following DPS traditional calendar); 4:00-6:00 Tuesdays/Thursdays




Compensation: $10.00 p/hour

Anti-Discrimination Policy and Commitment to Diversity: Student U is committed to maximizing the diversity of our organization, as we want to engage all those who can contribute to our mission. Student U does not discriminate in any way including, but not limited to discrimination by age, gender, disability, race, nationality, sexuality, gender identification, and gender expression.


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